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Basic Tips:

Spelling counts. For example, searching for brian won't find bryan. (unlike Google)

You can search for partial words. For example, searching for land could find island or landmarks. (unlike Google)

Searching for multiple words without quotes means that all words must be found, and can be in any order. (sort of like Google, but Google doesn't require all words to be found)

Words are not case-sensitive. For example, searching for brian could find Brian. (like Google)

Advanced Tips:

A phrase in quotes means find the exact phrase. For example, searching for "The Buccanneer" will not find an event with The Blue Buccaneers in it (unless it happens to be at The Buccaneer). (like Google)

You can use "or". For example, kurt or "drunk dumplins" finds events with kurt in them or with "drunk dumplins" in them. (like Google)

A hyphen prefix means "not". For example, searching for adrian -adriana finds events with adrian but not with adriana. (like Google)

You can use complex expressions, including parentheses, "and", "or" and "-", if you know what you're doing. For example, if you're looking for that perfect combination of fun: ((abba or "bee gees") and beach) and -"rick springfield" (sort of like Google)