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Current Stats

Info providers:103 
Email subscribers:1,208 
Website homepage views last week: 803 
Events listed since July 1, 2010:24,301about 9 per day
Events listed in the past 365 days:4,501about 12 per day
Most events in one day, in the past 365 days:
27 on Sat Feb 18, 2017
26 on Sat Feb 11, 2017
26 on Sat Dec 31, 2016
25 on Thu Apr 20, 2017
25 on Fri Feb 10, 2017

The Mechanics

Joe Hazi

Founder Joe Hazi
1953 - 2013
In memoriam

Bob and Jamila

Your hosts,
JamBo (Bob and Jamila)

Each Tuesday, we send an "Info Please" email to our Info Providers (musicians, restaurant owners, etc.), asking for updates. Each email is customized to show only the recipient's current listings, for easy reviewing. We then update our listings based on email responses.

Each Thursday, we send an email blast to our Subscribers, containing all of the listings currently on the website.

We also update the website every day as we get new info, so you can always go to the website for last-minute info.

Behind the scenes, there is a database and numerous programming features that help us quickly find, add, edit, highlight, repeat, delete, replace, etc. all of the info.

The history

Joe Hazi loved going to live music events at bars and restaurants on St. Croix. He wanted people to know where to find that music, so in 2008, he started a weekly email to spread the news. The first musician to be listed by Joe was Kurt Schindler, soon followed by Michael Justis and Steve Katz, and the first two people to receive his weekly email were Valerie Peiser and Michael Justis. Whenever Joe met people who shared the love for live music, he asked for their email address and added them to the list.

In 2009, Bob Sifniades suggested that Joe convert the list to a website so anybody could find the info. In April 2010, Bob and his wife Jamila Hammad designed and programmed the website, and on July 1, 2010, was launched with Joe as the editor. The website continued the weekly email feature, and at the time there were about 400 Subscribers. In July 2013, Joe passed away, and Bob took over as the editor, at Joe’s prior request, and with the assistance of Joe's wife Holly Hazi. In 2014, Jamila began helping Bob to edit the calendar, and thus was born the moniker JamBo (Jamila and Bob).

In 2015, as the number of users continued to increase, we became more serious about St. Croix Calendar. We began promoting the calendar and we increased the number of listings. We also added new features and web enhancements, and generally put more work into making this a great resource. All of that effort prompted us to convert the calendar from a hobby into a commercial venture, in which we seek revenue from paid advertising and we invite users to send us a tip, and we moved the calendar to our business entity Raintree Partners, LLC.