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17 events were found for Sun 11/11/2018

Past events:
 Sun11/11/2018Steve Katz for Brunch at Deep End Bar from 11am-2pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Football Potluck (bring something to grill or a dish to share) at Scooter Bar on the Boardwalk beginning at noon map
 Sun11/11/2018Sunday Football featuring $4 beers at Leatherback Brewing beginning at 1pm (playing the 1pm and 4pm games) map
 Sun11/11/2018Sunday Brunch featuring Steve Withrow and Friends at Eat @ Cane Bay from 1-4pm map
 Sun11/11/2018R&B Connection at Spratnet beginning at 3pm map
 Sun11/11/2018"The Uninvited" at Caribbean Community Theatre beginning at 4pm. More info. map
 Sun11/11/2018Jahnee Red Locks And Da Tree A We at Lyric Sails from 4-6:30pm. More info. map
 Sun11/11/2018Bear Tread at Rhythms at Rainbow Beach beginning at 5pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Doc Petersen for Crucian Sundays (local food specials) at CHOP from 5-8pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Alex Scimeca at Tap Deck Bar and Billiards from 6-9pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Michael Justis at Cheeseburgers from 6-9pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Romanza at Divi Carina Bay Casino from 6pm-10pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Kurt Schindler at Sylvie's from 7-10pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Dean Hodge Karaoke at X The Spot from 8:30pm-12am
 Sun11/11/2018DJ Slik at Divi Carina Bay Casino from 10pm-2am map
 Sun11/11/2018Bear Tread for Fish with a Vet Fundraiser at Leatherback Brewing beginning at 12-3pm map
 Sun11/11/2018Gyasi Clark at The Palms at Pelican Cove from 12-3pm map