Terms Of Service

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The following terms of service ("Terms") are between each user ("User") of this web site ("Site") and the current and future owner(s) ("Owner") of the Site. The current Owner of the Site is Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty.

The Owner intends to present timely and accurate information to the Site, but the Owner does not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of any information presented on the Site, and the User accepts this risk. User may want to verify any information independently, such as by contacting the event organizer directly.

The Owner intends to post any relevant event information which the User may send to the Owner, but the Owner does not guarantee the receipt or timely posting of such information, and the User accepts this risk.

The User shall only send event information to the Owner which the User believes to be accurate. If the User later finds the event information to be wrong or to have changed, the User shall attempt to inform the Owner of this in a timely manner.

For anything which the User submits for use on the Site in any manner, including but not restricted to the submission of material via the Site's Guestbook or Contact Us page or via direct email:

The Owner provides the Site as a convenience to the User and, unless otherwise stated, the Owner is independent of any event or event organizer. By using the Site, the User waives any and all liability against the Owner for injuries which may result from the User's use of the information on the Site.

Duplication of the Site's event information is restricted. User shall not copy significant portions of the Site's event information to other media. Limited copying of the Site's event information is permitted, provided that www.stcroixcalendar.com is clearly identified as the source of the event information and, where possible, that identification is a working link to the Site's home page.

The Terms are subject to change, so please check back here periodically.

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